Land Conservation

MDLT protects land within the entire California portion of the eastern Mojave and Colorado deserts – 26 million acres in all. We focus on parcels within national parks and preserves, wilderness areas, areas of critical environmental concern, and wildlife linkage corridors. We have successfully conserved land in Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve, Mojave Trails National Monument, and Death Valley National Park. MDLT has conveyed more tracts of land to the National Park system nationwide than any other non-profit since 2006.

  • photo of Old Woman Mountains
    Land Acquisition
    Every land transaction supports the vision of a Mojave Desert with interconnected, permanently protected scenic and natural areas hosting a diversity of native plants and wildlife.
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    Land Stewardship
    Stewardship projects include restoring disturbed areas; trail work and planting; monitoring and collecting data in restored areas; leading invasive weed removal projects and general clean-up.
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  • Maps
    Dark night skies, clean air and water, broad views and vistas, and an abundance of native plants and animals are preserved through strategic conservation. View, download, and print maps at your convenience.
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