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  • Fall 2016

    MDLT 10th Celebrates A Decade of Protecting the California Desert!

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California Desert Monuments Events
  • April 8, 2017

    Afternoon Adventure at Amboy Crater
    Amboy Crater in Mojave Trails National Monumnet
    Saturday, April 8 • Amboy Crater- Mojave Trails National Monument

    Gather around our (dormant) backyard fire pit! Amboy Crater may not be lit, but this open house sure will be!

    Join us for MDLT’s Open House on April 8 from 10am to 2pm in our big backyard at Amboy Crater, an extinct cinder cone in the Mojave Trails National Monument.

    We will be joined by the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council to unveil their Mojave Monuments Patch. With their winter Sand to Snow excursion already under their belts, the Scouts will earn their second of three bars towards the patch after spending a fabulous day in Mojave Trails.

    Not only will our picnic have crafts and snacks, but we will also have our friends over to chat about ants, volcanoes, and maps. And what backyard picnic would be complete without chocolate lava cake? RSVP here.

Stewardship Events
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Ongoing MDLT Events
  • Saturdays

    Salvage Saturdays

    Held periodically throughout the year, our Salvage Saturday events offer desert treasures gathered during our stewardship clean-up efforts in exchange for donations supporting our Land Stewardship Program. Check back for upcoming dates TBA.


MDLT Partner Events
  • February 4, 2017

    Mil-Tree launches new Veteran’s Art project



    The desert is a magical place for creativity and healing. The Joshua Tree-based non-profit Mil-tree is using those powers to connect veterans, active military, and civilian communities through arts and dialogue. They are embarking on a project titled Sanctuary, a series of free public workshops in ceramics, metalworking, and Earthbag construction that will culminate in building a public gathering space at the Joshua Tree Lake RV and Campground for lectures, celebrations, meditations, and more. RSVP for the workshops at

  • March 16, 2017

    Spring Eco-Discovery Tour

    Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

    Stroll along a half-mile boardwalk under a lush canopy of cottonwood and willow trees as Robin shares secrets of the same native plants that sustained the Serrano Indians who inhabited this exact site for centuries. Big Morongo Creek flows through the 39,000-acre wildlife preserve in Morongo Valley, now part of the Sand to Snow National Monument, and provides a lush oasis and freshwater marsh for migratory and resident songbirds, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and more. On this 3-hour stream-side excursion, Robin will identify native plants, and describe uses of these desert plants for food, medicine, tools, clothing, and shelter. Edible samples of the same plants collected elsewhere by Robin will be shared along the route. You will hear about underground, unseen root partners that connect the plants in the community, which help to sustain the entire ecosystem. Robin will explain how migratory birds travel to and through the oasis in an intricate dance based on day-length cues, hormone changes, stored fat, night skies, and magnetic particles in their brains to arrive precisely at this site each year. Birds and other wildlife that may cross our path will be identified, and Robin will reveal fun stories about each creature. Please call or email to reserve your spot; enrollment is limited to 15 adventurers.

    To reserve your space, or for more information about this event, call The Power of Plants at (760) 363-1166, email, or visit the event website.

  • April 8, 2017

    The Joy of Gardening with Desert Native Plants with Robin Kobaly

    The Plant Yoda’s Den (classroom) & Songbird Cottage Demonstration Garden (tour)

    This four-hour workshop will begin in the intimate setting of the unique and creative “Plant Yoda’s Den”, the home where our friend Robin Kobaly grew up, and where her mother, Babs Kobaly, taught her own native plant use classes for forty years. The workshop will explore why native plants are the perfect choice for southwest homes, and why their adaptations are so important for a sustainable, enjoyable, and low-maintenance landscape. During our workshop, you will learn how to plant, irrigate, and care for your native plant garden. When we move outside to the half-acre demonstration garden, you will see over one hundred examples of mature desert native plants in an inviting home landscape setting, and view firsthand the many benefits of native plant gardening.

    To reserve your space, or for more information about this event, call The Power of Plants at (760) 363-1166, email, or visit the event website.

  • May 6, 2017

    Southwest Native Plants for Food, Fun, & Healing with Robin Kobaly

    Plant Yoda’s Den

    This four-hour workshop offers a fascinating look at ancient and traditional uses of desert medicinal and food plants, and presents ways to adapt those uses to fit today’s needs. Find out why these powerful native plants’ survival strategies make them so useful to us today. Explore which native food and healing plants can be used successfully and safely, and explore the many other benefits of growing these amazing herbal remedies, edible harvests, and utilitarian providers in your own yard. This popular workshop includes demonstrations and samples, plus tips on identifying each plant, as well as discussions about harvesting native plant species in a respectful and sustainable way.

    To reserve your space, or for more information about this event, call The Power of Plants at (760) 363-1166, email, or visit the event website.

Ongoing Morongo Basin Clean-Up Events
  • 2nd, 4th and 5th Wednesdays

    Clean Team

    It is always a joy to get out in the desert in the early morning with a group of dedicated community-minded individuals to pick up trash and sometimes treasures along our roadsides to keep our community clean.

    Join the Joshua Tree Clean Team every 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesday, beginning at 7AM June-September and 8AM All Other Months.

  • 1st Wednesday

    Clean n’ Green Team

    Join the Morongo Basin Conservation Association’s Clean n’ Green Team on the first Wednesday of every month during the cool season, beginning at 7AM.