A California Deserts Conservancy

Desert Report June 2020 Despite making up nearly one quarter of California and representing one of the largest intact ecosystems left in the lower forty-eight states, California’s 25 million acres of desert lands receive very little state funding for conservation projects. Both the Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT) and Defenders of Wildlife (Defenders) have determined…

Z107.7 FM Up Close Show with Gary Daigneault

Z107.7 Listen to the Up Close Show with In-Studio Guest native plant expert Madena Asbell from the Mojave Desert Land Trust. This was recorded on April 24, 2020. Listen to the full episode here.

Hiker jailed for starting wildfire with cigarette

Hi-Desert Star A man flicking a lit cigarette is suspected of causing a fire that burned about 155 acres of conservation land Monday. The land that burned belongs to the Mojave Desert Land Trust and is a desert tortoise habitat, said spokeswoman Jessica Dacey. Click here to read the full article.

Southern California Desert Fire Contained, Man Arrested

U.S. News and World Report A man was arrested on suspicion of causing a fire that burned 150 acres (60 hectares) of Southern California desert, authorities said. The burned land is part of a 623-acre (252-hectare) property in the Mojave Desert Land Trust and has thousands of Joshua trees, as well as desert tortoises and other animals….

Mojave Mavens, Commune With the ‘Desert Indoors’

NBC Los Angeles MOJAVE DESERT LAND TRUST, which is based in Joshua Tree, can help whisk us away through multiple channels. The desert-bolstering org has a number of delights to dip into on its Desert Indoors page. The free content includes various activities for kids, with topics including becoming a citizen scientist, getting to know the blossoms of…

Mountain lion must be added to state’s Endangered Species Act

Hi-Desert Star Most of you are familiar with me in my role as executive director of the Mojave Desert Land Trust. Today I am reaching out to you in my background as a wildlife biologist with an urgent concern I hope you will share with me: We must work together to provide increased protections to…

Bill AB 2839 to protect and enhance California’s deserts

Redlands Community News The Mojave Desert Land Trust applauds California 56th District Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia for introducing a bill which would focus on the protection and management of California’s desert resources, at a time when threats to the region are increasing. Read the full article here.