About MDLT

Mojave Desert Land Trust protects the unique living landscapes of the Mojave Desert.


  • Has conserved more than 60,000 acres of prime desert habitat, forever weaving together National Parks, wilderness areas and wildlife linkage corridors.
  • Works closely with a broad range of desert community members and visitors, as well as with local, state and federal agencies.
  • Offers hands-on learning and volunteer opportunities to residents and visitors of the desert.
  • Collaborates closely with and is supported by a diverse range of partner organizations, agencies, neighbors and visitors who treasure the desert’s unique qualities.

Our Mission—to protect the Mojave Desert ecosystem and its scenic and cultural resource values.

Our vision for the Mojave Desert includes dark night skies, clean air and water, broad views and vistas, and an abundance of native plants and animals.

Protecting High Priority Areas

  • Ensures stunning views and access to pristine desert lands remains intact forever.
  • Provides connected landscapes for rare native plants and wildlife.
  • Increases resiliency in the face of climate challenges within sensitive desert lands.
  • Connects people with our public lands through hands-on interaction with the natural landscape.

Stewardship & Awareness

  • Instills a sense of personal connection to and responsibility for the stewardship of our open lands and wild places.
  • Improves understanding of the challenges facing the fragile desert ecosystem and the importance of addressing those issues.
  • Engages individuals, communities and organizations in becoming proactive land stewards and ambassadors.
  • As land stewards we aim to exemplify stewardship of the living landscape and to help others understand, appreciate and care for the nuances of the Mojave Desert.
Our History

A Rich History Of Desert Conservation
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Our Partnerships

A Collaborative Approach To Conservation Efforts
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How We Work

We spend 78% of funds directly on program services.
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Our People

A Successful Organization Starts With A Dedicated Team
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