Because We Love This Land

The 25 million-acre California desert is one of the most biologically rich areas in the state.

We are all so privileged to be able to experience the desert’s scenic wonders, outdoor spaces, dark and starry skies, clean air and water, and incredible wildlife. This fragile and precious land is a gift for all of us and, together, we share responsibility for taking care of it.

The Mojave Desert Land Trust’s mission is to protect the desert’s ecosystem and its scenic and cultural resource values. We do this through land acquisition and stewardship, native plant restoration, education, and so much more.

When you support MDLT, you’re protecting the unique living landscapes of the California desert now and for generations to come.

Join us in caring for this land.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the support of our donors has a direct and positive impact on our operations, assists in purchasing and caring for desert lands, and energizes our efforts to protect these landscapes for future generations.