Every donation makes a difference to our fierce yet fragile desert ecosystem. Only through acquisition, stewardship and awareness can we preserve these uniquely biodiverse landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

MDLT appreciates everyone who wants to make a difference in our work and in the future of the California Desert. Supporters at all levels enjoy the benefit of knowing they are preserving and protecting fragile lands and at-risk wilderness areas.

Ways To Give

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the support of our donors has a direct and positive impact on our operations, assists in purchasing and caring for desert lands and energizes our efforts to protect these landscapes for future generations. There are a variety of ways to give to MDLT:

Make A Donation

Other Ways to Give

Legacy Giving

Create a legacy through planned giving. Planned giving is any gift that is not a current cash gift. Many planned gifts are simple bequests. Other types of gifts include real estate, stocks, IRA distributions, life-insurance proceeds and charitable lead and remainder trusts.

Gifts of Land

MDLT accepts gifts of land to assist in support of our mission. Lands identified as strategic conservation priorities are accepted as conservation land donations. Other land donations may be accepted for their financial value in support of the work of MDLT.

In-Kind Gifts & Policy

MDLT accepts gifts-in-kind that support its mission, are consistent with its policies and are properly accounted for and acknowledged. A gift-in-kind is an item such as equipment, software or a product that a donor voluntarily transfers MDLT without charge or consideration. All in-kind gifts must receive executive approval prior to acceptance.

Donors must complete a gift-in-kind form that includes the name of the donor, a description of the item(s), the retail value of the item(s) and permission to publicly recognize the donation. Once accepted, the donated item(s) become the property of MDLT, which retains the right to dispose of a gift-in-kind as it sees fit, unless another arrangement has been made with the donor.

MDLT reserves the right to refuse a gift if it is determined to be in conflict with the organization’s mission. This policy pertains to sponsored and/or collaborating projects of MDLT as well. MDLT reserves the right to refuse a gift if the time and costs of handling the asset are disproportionate to its expected value, or if the organization’s exposure to liability is excessive, or if the organization’s prospects for realizing cash are distant and disproportionate to the current costs of holding the asset.

For additional information on In-Kind and Planned Giving options, contact

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Donor Highlights
a woman in black sitting in a foldable chair in a desert landscape
Johnette Napolitano

“After my dad passed, I thought about what I was leaving to the world, what it had all been for. I realized it had been for my own place of peace and thought, this is it. I know very well that MDLT feels the same way. When I decided to bequeath my land to MDLT I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride I’d never felt before. Some things are priceless: the desert is the anti-venom for a pressured, materialistic, confused culture.”
– Johnette Napolitano

Randi & Jim Swindel

“The first time I ever saw Joshua Tree National Park was the day we bought our cabin near Copper Mountain in 2008. It was love at first sight. We found ourselves in the middle of an active desert tortoise habitat. So imagine how delighted we were to learn of an organization that spoke for the trees and the critters. We soon became avid supporters of MDLT during the Quail Mountain acquisition. The Trust has done such amazing work in subsequent years, including the acquisition of Coyote Valley (a parcel literally in our back yard), as part of the wildlife linkage program. MDLT has been a wonderful neighbor, ensuring our sacred Mojave will be available to our grandchildren.
Thank you, MDLT.”
– Randi Swindel

Bernard Leibov
Bernard Leibov

“The Mojave Desert is a source of energy and inspiration for me – a subtle and mysterious place, full of life, constantly shifting and revealing its powers. This energy and sense of possibility has allowed me to create a space in which artists are drawn to connect with this place and are inspired to make work that reflects the spectrum of living that flourishes here.”
– Bernard Leibov, Director, BoxoPROJECTS