10 Ways to Support MDLT

photo of a group of hikers at Samuelson's RocksEvery donation makes a difference to our fierce yet fragile desert ecosystem. Only through acquisition, stewardship and awareness can we preserve these uniquely biodiverse landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

MDLT appreciates everyone who wants to make a difference in our work and in the future of the California Desert. Supporters at all levels enjoy the benefit of knowing they are preserving and protecting fragile lands and at-risk wilderness areas.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the support of our donors has a direct and positive impact on our operations, assists in purchasing and caring for desert lands, and energizes our efforts to protect these landscapes for future generations. There are a variety of ways to give to MDLT.

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1. Support All Projects

Support everything we do with a general donation. As a supporter, you can choose to support all MDLT projects: Protect 62, Desert Defenders, and Native Plant Nursery & Conservation Seed Bank.

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photo of a coyote pup

2. Protect 62

Funds designated to the Protect 62 campaign will help us protect the wildlife linkage corridor lands within view of Highway 62. The beauty of Joshua Tree first greets visitors and locals alike through the rise of desert lands alongside Highway 62, but these important desert lands remain at risk, protected only by the whims of those who privately own them. In response to that, The Mojave Desert Land Trust created and launched its campaign in 2013 to protect Highway 62 and the remaining intact desert lands along that highway in Joshua Tree, California.  Read more…

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3. Desert Defenders

The Mojave Desert Land Trust launched its Desert Defenders campaign in response to April’s executive order instructing the Department of the Interior to review national monuments designated by the Antiquities Act. Desert Defenders funds support our campaign to protect the California desert national monuments currently under federal review. Read more…

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photo of a native longhorn bee on a wildflower4. Native Plant Restoration Nursery

The California deserts are home to over 2,000 species of native plants, comprising over 30% of California’s diverse flora. Many of these species are considered to be of conservation concern. Here in the Mojave Desert, our unique flora is a critical part of a sensitive desert ecosystem, providing food and shelter for endangered wildlife and cleaning our air and water through soil stabilization and carbon sequestration. Donations will support our native plant and seed bank initiatives. Learn more…

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5. Renew Your Support

Your renewal of your support goes right to our mission of protecting the Mojave Desert ecosystem and its scenic and cultural resource values. Your donation provides funding for land acquisitions, nursery and seed bank projects, education and outreach events, and the priceless gift of a pristine desert for generations to come.

We hear the Mojave calling out, asking for our help. Help us answer the call.

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photo of Jojoba seeds6. Mojave Desert Seed Bank Membership

MDLT has protected over 70,000 acres across the Mojave to date. A seed bank is a way of managing those lands and conserving native habitat. In March 2016, when MDLT collected its first fishhook cactus seeds, it set in motion what would become the Mojave Desert Seed Bank. As of today, our seed bank has over 320 collections, representing over 110 species, including eight species of special concern.

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7. Donate Land

MDLT accepts gifts of land to assist in support of our mission. Lands identified as strategic conservation priorities are accepted as conservation land donations. Other land donations may be accepted for their financial value in support of the work of MDLT. Read more…

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photo of property Section 33 at sunset

8. Leave A Legacy

Create a legacy through planned giving. Planned giving is any gift that is not a current cash gift. Many planned gifts are simple bequests. Other types of gifts include real estate, stocks, IRA distributions, life-insurance proceeds and charitable lead and remainder trusts. Read more…

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9. Give An In-Kind Gift

MDLT accepts gifts-in-kind that support its mission, are consistent with its policies and are properly accounted for and acknowledged. A gift-in-kind is an item such as equipment, software or a product that a donor voluntarily transfers MDLT without charge or consideration. Read more…

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photo of a group of volunteers10. Donate Your Time & Expertise

The success of MDLT’s mission depends on volunteers who help us fulfill our programs. Volunteers extend our reach to educate, enroll, and invite others to participate in protecting the Mojave Desert. Looking for a meaningful way to enjoy the great outdoors, attend community and cultural events, and meet other conservation-minded people? Join our wonderful group of volunteers! Read more…

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