Latino Conservation Week

To view 2020’s Latino Conservation Week content click here.

Welcome to Latino Conservation Week 2021: Disfrutando y Conservando Nuestra Tierra.  

This special week was created to celebrate the Latino community’s passion for the outdoors, both for preservation and enjoyment. Since it was first designated in 2014, Latino Conservation Week has led to recognition from local, state, and national elected officials of the important role Latinos play as stewards of their surrounding environments. 

The Mojave Desert Land Trust is one of many organizations making this event a focus of our energy this week. The future of public lands depends on engaging and welcoming our diverse youth and Latino communities.  

Kick off Latino Conservation Week by reading about the Latino experience in the environmental movement. We’ve published a list of suggested reading compiled by our partners in desert conservation and MDLT staff in hopes of inspiring you to learn more about the world around us from our community of Latino voices. Read the blog post here.

We are pleased to share with you a new Desert Indoors module in Spanish and English! This activity encourages children to use scientific knowledge to understand the importance of native bees in the desert habitat. Download the module here in Spanish or English.

In a new blog post, MDLT Nursery Production Assistant Corina Godoy shares how she had a calling to work in conservation. Along the way, she didn’t see many people who looked like her. Undeterred, she forged ahead, knowing she would have to clear her own path. Click here to read about her experience.