Family Activities

Family Activities

In compliance with the Governor’s Shelter-in-place order, Mojave Desert Land Trust is closed to the public. We are dedicated to helping students and parents negate the impacts of the “Stay-at-Home Order” on student education. As such, we have created modules that students and parents can use to continue scientific environmental education at home. Just click on the title of the presentation and/or the “English” or “Spanish” button below each presentation to download some informative and fun content.

The Wonderful Mesquite
Mesquite Flour Cookie Recipe
English         Spanish
Mesquite Powder Cookie Recipe
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Desert Wellness and Sanctuary

The Mojave Yucca vs Joshua Tree: Their differences and similarities
These unique and other worldly plants share the desert landscape and because of their spiny appearance and prominence here in the Morongo Basin, many folks, visitors and locals alike, think they are the same plant. So what are the differences between the Joshua tree and the Mojave Yucca? This video will help clear up some confusion about their differences and similarities.

Know Before You Go
Helpful Websites
How can you be safe and aware Mojave explorer? How do you plan to be properly equipped for travel in the desert? What is your role in conservation while enjoying recreation? Join us for a short presentation on the importance of planning a safe desert visit while still having fun and protecting the land. We will share ways for the whole family to engage in some of these conscientious outdoor practices. 

Working Landscapes
How can we help support the ecological, social, and economic needs of a working landscape? What is working landscape anyway? What is your role in the landscape and how do you best take action to help build a sustainable future? Join us for a short presentation on the importance of sustainable working landscapes and what you can do to get involved

In The Field with MDLT Land Stewards 

Join Cindy Holland, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, on a trip out with our Lands Team and learn about some of the activities land stewards do when inspecting a prospective MDLT property.

Paisajes Funcionales

Únase a nuestra coordinadora cívica Cindy, mientras habla sobre paisajes funcionales, estrategias de gestión de la tierra de BLM, planes de administración de recursos, y nuestro papel en la gestión de la tierra!

The Desert Tortoise, Their Environment, and You.

A Desert Indoors module that will engage youth and their families. Students will learn about the challenges faced by the Desert Tortoise and what they can do to help make a difference in their community.


How to Experience the Desert During the Holiday Season

This Family Resource Guide contains links to all the websites mentioned in the Desert Musings Campfire Talk. It also contains links to some websites not mentioned. Feel free to download this PDF and use it as a resource to start learning more about the amazing desert we call home. Happy exploring!