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MDLT strives to help everyone who lives, works, and plays in the California desert to embrace the significance of this magical landscape. Outreach & Public Engagement Activities Include: guided hikes, outdoor education, outreach at local fairs and festivals, lectures and workshops, signature programs & special events, and Reading the Landscape  for artists creating consciously in the desert.

  • photo of MDLT staff with the founder of Kids Speak For Parks
    Desert Defenders
    The Desert Defenders campaign is a response to the executive order instructing DOI to review national monuments.
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  • photo of the Cadiz Dunes
    You Are Here
    As stewards of this fierce and fragile ecosystem, we'd like to share some ways you can experience the desert.
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  • photo of a desert landscape
    Reading the Landscape
    Artists have long played a role in telling the story of the Mojave -- but in telling one story, we must ensure we are not ending another.
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  • Photo of a hiker. Explore your California desert national monuments. This land is your land. Explore. Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, and Castle Mountains National Monuments are three more bright stars on the map for each of these unique and breathtaking lands we love, and places we play.
    New Desert Monuments
    Your three Monuments are bright stars on the map for these lands we love, and places we play here in the beautiful CA Desert.
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  • photo of Cadiz Dunes
    The first step MDLT takes when identifying priority areas for conservation is to examine existing research and studies.
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  • photo of a volunteer walking out into the desert
    Volunteer with MDLT
    Join a wonderful group of volunteers! The success of MDLT’s mission depends on volunteers who help us fulfill our programs.
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