MDLT takes a collaborative approach in our conservation efforts. We believe in forming meaningful and strategic partnerships throughout our expansive 24.5 million acre service region. In so doing, we recognize the intrinsic value in the diversity of alliances that allow us to demonstrate the possibilities for preserving the vibrant but fragile desert ecosystem and its cultural resources while also protecting our outdoor experiences and interactions with nature and the land.

  • Within our network of supporters, some of the key partners who help us accomplish our mission and our work include the National Park Service, the Department of Defense, the Bureau of Land Management, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, as well as local governments, water districts, educational institutions, and other conservation organizations.
  • We also form partnerships through engaging individuals and communities in becoming proactive land stewards and ambassadors. Developing programs that successfully connect diverse communities and people with their natural surroundings cultivates a personal sense of appreciation, fosters a land stewardship ethic, and inspires support for public lands and conservation efforts.
  • Our organization also relies substantially on the work of our dedicated volunteers and the efforts of our individual members, donors and sponsors for helping sustain the day-to-day staffing and operations of our headquarters and our ongoing advocacy and land management initiatives.

The work of MDLT aims to ensure stewardship and preservation of our ecologically sensitive desert lands and habitats in tandem with the many ways to enjoy and experience these unique places. It is our mission to promote and inspire ways of protecting and connecting with nature and the great outdoors.