Z107.7FM: Weekend Field Reports – The Nancy Karl Trail in Joshua Tree

The Nancy Karl loop sits at the top of the Friendly Hills in Joshua Tree – a quiet neighborhood that backs up the northern border of the National Park. The trailhead is tucked near the end of Sunny Vista Road. There are homes and fences right on the trailhead, but it only takes a few minutes of walking on the soft granite path to feel like you are in the national park, with lichen covered boulders appearing as you gently gain about 300ft in elevation on the 2.3 mile loop.

The loop much like the neighborhoods that surround it – looks down on the basin with views of yucca valley and joshua tree. On the eastside of the trail you can see up quail springs road which leads in and out of the park – and if you are hiking the loop on a saturday night as the sun sets, you can see a slow moving trail of headlights snaking its way down the hill toward downtown.

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