Land Stewards

Land Stewards support the MDLT mission while they enjoy the fresh air, experience the wilderness, hike amazing desert landscapes and record photos and observations in the field as part of a conservation team.

What types of projects do Land Stewards work on?

Land monitoring, land restoration, and clean-up.

What special skills are needed to become a Land Steward?

A can-do attitude and willingness to pitch in are the main skills for cleanup and restoration projects. To be trained as a Land Monitoring Ranger, you should be able to hike at least 3 miles and be willing to develop navigation skills using a touch-screen GPS enabled tablet with topographic and aerial map layers.

I’m ready! What do I need to do to become a Land Steward?

Restoration events are usually held between October and May. MDLT holds Land Monitoring Ranger Training events (usually in the Fall) to prepare volunteers with the special skills they will need for land monitoring. To learn about the next training opportunity contact 760-366-5440 or email us at [email protected]

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