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Miles For MDLT

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Participate in MDLT’s popular virtual fundraiser:  Miles For MDLT this March. In October 2020, supporters raised more than $18,500 for MDLT by hiking our beautiful desert lands. Miles For MDLT is a chance to explore nature while actively protecting it!

This March, you can turn your regular hikes into a fundraiser. It’s easy. Share your miles with friends and family and ask them to donate to the Mojave Desert Land Trust. You will be helping to protect precious desert resources so that future generations can enjoy the land.

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Donate Land

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MDLT accepts gifts of land to assist in support of our mission. Lands identified as strategic conservation priorities are accepted as conservation land donations. Other land donations may be accepted for their financial value in support of the work of MDLT. Read more…

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Leave A Legacy

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Create a legacy through planned giving. Planned giving is any gift that is not a current cash gift. Many planned gifts are simple bequests. Other types of gifts include real estate, stocks, IRA distributions, life-insurance proceeds and charitable lead and remainder trusts. Read more…

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Outreach and Public Engagement Programs

Our passion and pursuit is to educate the public about land conservation, stewardship, increased environmental literacy and desert habitat awareness. We believe that environmental education encourages individuals to become informed, engaged, and responsible land stewards. Environmental education promotes scientific inquiry and knowledge; with this knowledge, communities are then enabled to see the human-ecosystem connection. Our outreach education programs empower individuals to develop the skills and confidence to become active citizen scientists, land stewards, and community members. Your support gives others a deeper appreciation for our fragile and beautiful desert.

Desert Discovery Learning Kits for Field Studies

Each Desert Discovery Kit provides a student with all materials and supplies to perform eight hands-on, experiential science lessons that increase knowledge and awareness of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts’ unique ecological values. Topics for the kit include desert habitats and ecosystems, desert animals, light pollution Native People’s use of the desert lands and ecosystem management. With their environmental education focus, Desert Discovery Kits connect young students from underserved communities to the desert where they live and provide hands-on learning opportunities.

WISDOM (Women In Science Discovering Our Mojave)
WISDOM, MDLT’s signature internship program, provides college-aged women from underrepresented communities with opportunities to do scientific field research. The program connects interns with researchers and professionals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) encouraging them to pursue their own STEM career path. Women have traditionally only comprised a small portion of environmental scientists and it is an MDLT goal to help change this through the WISDOM internship. The interns will need to rely heavily on binoculars for spotting birds so MDLT would like to purchase three pairs of binoculars that provide for morning and day viewing. 

Young Desert Steward Adventure Books

The Young Desert Steward Adventure Book is a stand-alone tool that encourages youth who aren’t able participate in a Desert Discovery Field Studies program at school to engage with nature. The Young Desert Steward Adventure Book provides environmental lessons and activities students can do at home or with their learning partners to understand more about the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. When students investigate and share their discoveries with others, they learn faster, understand better, and retain information for longer. MDLT will provide the workbooks to service agencies like the Boys & Girls Clubs for distribution.  We’ve created the book but need help covering the costs of printing 500 copies.

Binoculars for Birding

As we emerge from COVID lockdown restrictions, MDLT would like to offer birding trips to students and their families in Afton Canyon Natural Area. We’d like to be able to provide budding birders with the tools they need to enjoy their trip, ideally, each participant would be able to borrow their own pair of binoculars that provide optimal viewing in low-light and long-range conditions with rubber handles and durable glass coated optics that are able to accommodate eyeglass wearers. $100 pays for a pair of binoculars.  If we have 40 sets all participants on field trips will have their own binoculars to bird. You can sponsor a pair or support the program here.