Meet Friends of MDLT

A photo of a couple married in Joshua Tree

“We got married in the park (Joshua Tree) at Hidden Valley, on the most perfect day ever.

There is a magic about the desert that is not possible to describe with words on a page – it consumes you, and seeps into your soul. You can’t fail to feel it. The vista is not like anything that you have ever seen, and that overwhelms your brain… If you spend a little time in the park you get a sense of big concepts like the infinity of time and the vastness of space. It is inspiring to realize (again) that there are many places on earth where nature is staggering and transcends anything man has ever built. The Mojave is an extraordinary example of that.

Because the challenges of maintaining and nurturing a fierce but fragile environment never goes away…. We have committed ourselves to always being a tiny part of the solution. By making a cash contribution (as a recurring donor) we know we can help….”
-Cyrus &  Clemency

photo of MDLT supporter Kate Oldroyd

“I’m from the north of England. As someone who isn’t a local resident and therefore can’t get involved in the volunteering projects the Mojave Desert Land Trust run, I felt that becoming a recurring donor was the best way for me to help conserve and protect the Mojave Desert.

Joshua Tree National Park and the surrounding hi-desert areas have to be my favorite places I’ve ever visited. I love how the desert seems to be this vast open space but it’s actually teaming with life. It’s mesmerizing.

I believe it’s extremely important to protect the desert ecosystems not just for the immediate future, but for generations to come.”
– Kate Oldroyd

photo of MDLT supporter from Stone Adventures

“As rock climbers, we take special interest in the outdoors and the environment that we climb in. The Mojave Desert is one of the most fascinating areas for me to explore. All of the plants have such unique survival stories when it comes to weathering the extreme temperatures and other elements. The more I’ve learned, the more I’ve realized how fragile this ecosystem is. Naturally, this led me to take an interest in the Mojave Desert Land Trust as they are a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the Mojave. What I especially admire about MDLT is how it coordinates financial and volunteer resources to save and/or rehabilitate tracts of land from development or abuse.

Because we run a rock climbing guide service in Joshua Tree National Park, we are especially interested in learning more about the native flora and fauna from MDLT to improve our services for our guests and become better stewards of the environment we live, play and work in!”
– Stone Adventures

“Robert Plant sings about a fiery love that keeps him returning to the desert in his song, “29 Palms.” This song illustrates my fascination with the desert areas of San Bernardino County, a “burning love” since I first camped in Joshua Tree National Park in 2005. From music festivals to camping, hiking and volunteering with the Mojave Desert Land Trust, there has always been something “taking me back down the road” and leading me back to the desert. It is indeed a magical place, where I would like to spend the rest of my life!

I am interested in the education and outreach work at MDLT – going and being where people are (schools, music fests, other events) to educate them on the importance of the lands they are learning/having fun on. I am becoming a resident of Yucca Valley. This will allow me to collaborate more with MDLT, who do amazing work to educate the public about the importance of land stewardship.

MDLT has helped me to connect with the desert I love.”
– Macy Ring

“The first time I ever saw Joshua Tree National Park was the day we bought our cabin near Copper Mountain in 2008. It was love at first sight. We found ourselves in the middle of an active desert tortoise habitat. So imagine how delighted we were to learn of an organization that spoke for the trees and the critters. We soon became avid supporters of MDLT during the Quail Mountain acquisition. The Trust has done such amazing work in subsequent years, including the acquisition of Coyote Valley (a parcel literally in our back yard), as part of the wildlife linkage program. MDLT has been a wonderful neighbor, ensuring our sacred Mojave will be available to our grandchildren.
Thank you, MDLT.”
– Randi Swindel

a woman in black sitting in a foldable chair in a desert landscape

“After my dad passed, I thought about what I was leaving to the world, what it had all been for. I realized it had been for my own place of peace and thought, this is it. I know very well that MDLT feels the same way. When I decided to bequeath my land to MDLT I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride I’d never felt before. Some things are priceless: the desert is the anti-venom for a pressured, materialistic, confused culture.”
– Johnette Napolitano

Bernard Leibov

“The Mojave Desert is a source of energy and inspiration for me – a subtle and mysterious place, full of life, constantly shifting and revealing its powers. This energy and sense of possibility has allowed me to create a space in which artists are drawn to connect with this place and are inspired to make work that reflects the spectrum of living that flourishes here.”
– Bernard Leibov, Director, BoxoPROJECTS

video of MDLT supporter giving a donor testimonial

Donate Now

Full video transcript follows:

(00:00) (Instrumental music plays.)

(00:05) Suzette White: My name is Suzette White and this is my horse, Florjan. I just became a monthly recurring donor to the Mojave Desert Land Trust because I ride out here all the time, not just with Florjan, but with my other horse, Frisk. I just want to feel like I am contributing to something that means so much to me and to my horses.

(00:25) (Instrumental music plays.)

(00:32) Suzette White: When the Mojave Desert Land Trust started the recurring donations, it was a great way for me to start giving back to my local area. My husband and I also own a rental property and we donate $15 a month, also a recurring donation to the Mojave Desert Land Trust, and my tenants love it. If you enjoy the wide-open desert spaces, you need to donate or make a recurring donation to the Mojave Desert Land Trust. Florjan and I do.

(01:04) (Instrumental music plays.)