Donate Land

MDLT accepts certain gifts of land to assist in support of our mission. Lands identified as strategic conservation priorities are accepted as conservation land donations. Other land donations may be accepted for their financial value in support of the work of MDLT.

Together with our supporters MDLT has protected more than 90,000 acres throughout the Mojave Desert, including the ongoing restoration and stewardship of nearly 16,000 acres, since our founding in 2006. We continue to carry forth our vision of acquiring, protecting and caring for many more acres throughout our 24.5 million-acre service region. Our Land Acquisition Program is focused on the efficient use of resources to make the biggest impact for conservation of the California Desert.

If your property is accepted, you would be able to deduct the current market value of your donated property. You can significantly reduce your legal and tax liabilities on the properties while also supporting MDLT’s mission.

To find out if your property fits the criteria that would allow MDLT to accept a donation of land, please contact Acquisitions Manager Allyson Lavender at [email protected]