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Cactus Flower: Earthy bottom notes with white floral top notes
Cholla & Palo Santo: Clean notes with wood and light floral
New! Golden Hour: Top notes of clove with bottom notes of amber and musk
Ironwood: Earthy wood bottom notes, top notes of spice and light white floral
Joshua Tree Blossom: Earthy notes with a hint of coconut and white floral
JT Campfire: The aroma of a warm desert campfire
Midnight Mojave: Earthy incense top notes with sweet meditation herbs
Morning Sage: The aroma of desert sage on a crisp morning sunrise
Ocotillo Sunset: Top notes of tobacco with bottom notes of unique citrus fruit
Pinyon Pine: Pine top notes with light, sweet undernotes
Prickly Pear: Light floral bottom notes with top notes of sweet cacti
New! Sweet Alyssum: Top and bottom notes of light, sweet floral of the distinctive flower
Tumbleweed: Bold, clean spiciness, with bottom notes of light sweet fragrance
Yucca Bloom: Woodsy bottom notes with top notes of citrus and spice
Small Candles: 45 hours of burn time – $20
Large Candles: 100 hours of burn time – $36
Made of:
                Soy Wax
                Cotton Core Wicks

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Cactus Flower, Cholla & Palo Santo, Golden Hour, Ironwood, Joshua Tree Blossom, JT Campfire, Midnight Mojave, Morning Sage, Ocotillo Sunset, Pinyon Pine, Prickly Pear, Sweet Alyssum, Tumbleweed, Yucca Bloom