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This listing is for a 7.5 oz soy wax blend. The 7.5 oz candles have a 40-50 hour burn time.

Joshua Tree Candle Co. hand pours all their candles in small batches to ensure the highest quality. They handcraft their candles with local, premium blended soy wax, fine fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks. All candles are poured in Joshua Tree, California!

Cactus Flower: Earthy bottom notes with white floral top notes
Cholla & Palo Santo: Clean notes with wood and light floral
Golden Hour: Top notes of clove with bottom notes of amber and musk
High Tide: Top notes of muguet and rose with bottom notes of ozone
Ironwood: Earthy wood bottom notes, top notes of spice and light white floral
Joshua Blossom: Earthy notes with a hint of coconut and white floral
JT Campfire: The aroma of a warm desert campfire
Magnolia: Top notes of white flowers with bottom notes of ylang
Midnight Mojave: Earthy incense top notes with sweet meditation herbs
Morning Sage: The aroma of desert sage on a crisp morning sunrise
Ocotillo Sunset: Top notes of tobacco with bottom notes of unique citrus fruit
Pink Coral: Top notes of white nectarine with bottom notes of soft musk
Pinyon Pine: Pine top notes with light, sweet undernotes
Prickly Pear: Light floral bottom notes with top notes of sweet cacti
Sea Breeze: Top notes of light floral with bottom notes of oud
Southern Hibiscus: Top notes of red fruits with bottom notes of coconut and caramelized sugar
Sweet Alyssum: Top and bottom notes of light, sweet floral of the distinctive flower
Tumbleweed: Bold, clean spiciness, with bottom notes of light sweet fragrance
Yucca Bloom: Woodsy bottom notes with top notes of citrus and spice

Please burn responsibly!

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Cactus Flower, Cholla & Palo Santo, Golden Hour, High Tide, Ironwood, Joshua Blossom, JT Campfire, Magnolia, Midnight Mojave, Morning Sage, Ocotillo Sunset, Pink Coral, Pinyon Pine, Prickly Pear, Sea Breeze, Southern Hibiscus, Sweet Alyssum, Tumbleweed, Yucca Bloom