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A blend of 5 attractive, drought-tolerant perennials and shrubs native to the Mojave Desert. The species in this mix are cold hardy to at least 25 degrees F. Best sown in fall. All seeds are hand-collected at MDLT.

Mix includes:

Botanical NameEncelia actoniEriogonum fasciculatum var. polifoliumBrickellia incanaXylorhiza tortifoliaEremogone macradenia
Common NameActon enceliaEastern Mojave buckwheatWooly brickellbushMojave asterMojave sandwort
DescriptionA 2-3' rounded shrub with grey-green foliage and yellow daisy-like flowers in spring. Attracts butterflies and other pollinators. Tolerates both rocky and sandy soils. Prefers full sun.A 1-3' high shrub with rounded, ball-like clusters of small pinkish-white flowers in summer which age to a rust color by fall. Buckwheats support many pollinators including bees, butterflies, and beetles. Grows well in rocky soils. Prefers full sun.A 3' high grey-blue shrub with inconspicuous flowers that develop into large showy seedheads in summer. Common in desert washes, where it is often found growing with desert willow. Prefers full sun.A 2-3' shrub with numerous lavender and yellow daisy-like flowers in spring. Very showy in bloom. Summer and drought deciduous. Does well in rocky soils. Prefers full sun.A low mounding perennial with spiky grass-like leaves giving it a tufted appearance. In summer, masses of small yellow to pink flowers rise on slender stalks. Excellent for containers, rock gardens, and small spaces.
Plant TypeShrubShrubShrubShrubPerennial herb
Mature Size2-3'H x 3-4'W1-3'H x 1-3'W3'H x 3-4'W2-3'H x 2-3'W<1'H x 1'W
Flower ColorYellowWhite to pinkInconspicuousLavenderYellow to pink
Flowering SeasonSpringSummerSpringSpringSummer
Cold ToleranceHardy to 15FHardy to -20FHardy to 20FHardy to 25FHardy to 20F
Wildlife BenefitedButterflies/moths, bees, reptilesButterflies/moths, beesButterflies/mothsButterflies/moths, beesButterflies/moths
Sowing TimeFallFallFallFallFall
Pre- TreatmentNoneNoneNoneNoneNone

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