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Adventure Kits 2.0


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This is the perfect kit for any desert explorer!

Each kit contains the following items:

  • One bandana with wilderness survival information printed on it
  • Six beautiful postcards (Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave Preserve, Sand to Snow, Castle Mountains, and Mojave Trails)
  • One amenities map with cities where you can find indoor lodging, gas, supplies and groceries, and meals
  • One tread lightly card with information on how to respect the wilderness and enjoy your trip
  • One Spotify card to access music for your desert drives
  • One MDLT sticker and one Desert Defenders sticker
  • One desert pack list with suggestions for what to pack on your back and in your vehicle
  • Two maps (north desert & south desert)
  • Two desert explorer bandaids
  • One notebook for your adventure notes
  • One map provided by Native American Lands Conservancy showing the origins and occupation of California desert people

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