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County Recognizes Value of Desert Protection Act

Z107.7 News The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution at its meeting Tuesday acknowledging the value of conservation, tourism, and recreation in “California’s rich desert landscape.”  Read the full article here.

Chuckwalla Bench event

I’m a student who has lived in the Coachella Valley for my whole life, but only recently had the opportunity to visit and explore one of the Mojave Desert’s most beautiful yet little known places known as the Chuckwalla Bench. Chuckwalla Bench is part of the California Desert National Conservation Lands — public lands that are scattered throughout the southeastern corner of California.

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A little history on Rock Springs Ranch

Recent articles in this newspaper have spoken about Rock Springs Ranch, located in the Juniper Flats area south of Apple Valley.

The highlight of the stories was the acquisition of the ranch by the Mojave Desert Land Trust, which intends to preserve its natural resources and introduce public access and educational opportunities.

This was a great accomplishment for local conservation. During the past several years, I developed interest in the history of Rock Springs Ranch and surrounding areas within Juniper Flats, a wonderful nearby area to hike and explore.

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Twelve years after being founded, the Mojave Desert Land Trust, or MDLT, has stepped into a leading role in California desert conservation. The nonprofit’s recent annual report illustrates the scale of its acquisition and stewardship work, the speed at which its plant conservation program is growing, and its dedication to sound policy and public engagement.

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Close to home: MDLT brings vision for desert conservation to the Victor Valley

Sandwiched between Apple Valley’s desert floor and the forested San Bernardino Mountains, Rock Springs Ranch boasts pristine desert, panoramic views, riparian areas, oddly formed boulders, three natural springs and caves where ancient artifacts have been found.
MDLT officials say the purchase strengthens the status of the protected Juniper Flats.