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‘Desert Oracle’ Is a Spooky Look at the Southwest

Outside Ken Layne left an influential career in digital media to create ‘Desert Oracle,’ a cult-favorite radio show and print periodical based in Joshua Tree that explores everything from the political to the paranormal. Now it’s being released as a book. Even the ghost stories that fill Desert Oracle’s pages and soundbites serve a greater purpose:…

New Member on the Mojave Desert Land Trust Board

Z107.7 FM Leading social justice campaigner Terrysa Guerra has been appointed to the Mojave Desert Land Trust’s board of directors. Reporter Joshua King has more details. Terrysa Guerra’s political and electoral experience spans 16 years. As the National Political Director at United for Respect, Guerra oversees the development of political power for retail workers and…

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Wildlife corridor near Joshua Tree National Park gains additional protection

Desert Sun A wildlife corridor extending through Joshua Tree National Park received another piece of protection this week, as the Mojave Desert Land Trust teamed up with a spiritual center to conserve 227 acres for animal movement. The deal, finalized Tuesday, sees the nonprofit land trust purchase the parcel from the Institute of Mentalphysics, which bills itself…

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As political stars align, billions more set to fund national parks

Driving down Interstate 15, with miles of windswept Mojave Desert flashing by, a traveler could be forgiven for not paying the Southern California expanse much attention. But with its diverse wildlife, scenic vistas and cultural significance — be it Native American petroglyphs or abandoned gold mines — the region has been “increasingly recognized as a…

A California Deserts Conservancy

Desert Report June 2020 Despite making up nearly one quarter of California and representing one of the largest intact ecosystems left in the lower forty-eight states, California’s 25 million acres of desert lands receive very little state funding for conservation projects. Both the Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT) and Defenders of Wildlife (Defenders) have determined…

Z107.7 FM Up Close Show with Gary Daigneault

Z107.7 Listen to the Up Close Show with In-Studio Guest native plant expert Madena Asbell from the Mojave Desert Land Trust. This was recorded on April 24, 2020. Listen to the full episode here.

Hiker jailed for starting wildfire with cigarette

Hi-Desert Star A man flicking a lit cigarette is suspected of causing a fire that burned about 155 acres of conservation land Monday. The land that burned belongs to the Mojave Desert Land Trust and is a desert tortoise habitat, said spokeswoman Jessica Dacey. Click here to read the full article.

Southern California Desert Fire Contained, Man Arrested

U.S. News and World Report A man was arrested on suspicion of causing a fire that burned 150 acres (60 hectares) of Southern California desert, authorities said. The burned land is part of a 623-acre (252-hectare) property in the Mojave Desert Land Trust and has thousands of Joshua trees, as well as desert tortoises and other animals….