Living Collection

In addition to the Mojave Desert Seed Bank, MDLT is developing a collection of living plant specimens for educational and research purposes. The collection currently consists of 6 species of xerophytic ferns, rare cacti Cylindropuntia munzii and Coryphantha alversonii, and other rare and uncommon desert species.

About the fern collection: All the ferns in our collection have been grown from spore. Species in the collection include Coville’s lipfern (Myriopteris covillei), Parry’s lipfern (Myriopteris parryi), slender lipfern (Myriopteris gracilis), bird’s foot fern (Pellaea mucronata), wavy scaly cloakfern (Astrolepis sinuata), and Cochise scaly cloakfern (Astrolepis cochisensis).