Our Headquarters

The Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT) Center for Conservation Initiatives, located two miles west of downtown Joshua Tree, is situated in a wildlife linkage corridor with a view of our Gateway Parcel Section 33 where we are uniquely positioned to carry forth our mission from a place that accurately reflects and effectively represents our organization’s vision and its commitment to the Mojave Desert ecosystem.

Gateway Headquarters

Photo of Mojave Desert Land Trust Headquarters

We envision our Headquarters as a center for voices interested in all aspects of desert conservation. A place for thoughtful intelligent dialogue, conservation leadership, environmental education and community engagement.

Our Site Map

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Native Plant Nursery

In 2016, the MDLT Native Plant Nursery began supporting our vision by growing native plants for the restoration of ecologically appropriate areas in the Mojave Desert Region. The Nursery is open to the public twice a year, offering native plants for sale to the local community.

Contract Growing

The MDLT Nursery can grow plant material for specific projects according to contract specifications. Services include site-specific seed collection and growing of native plant material in restoration-type containers. For inquiries, please email madena@mdlt.org.

Seed Bank

MDLT’s Seed Bank supports our mission by providing ex situ (off site) conservation of native Mojave Desert flora. Seeds are collected by trained staff and volunteers from wild plant populations on MDLT property. Seed collections are cleaned, catalogued and stored in dry, refrigerated conditions. The goal of the seed bank is to store seed from genetically diverse populations in perpetuity, as an insurance policy against catastrophic loss of habitat. Seed may also be made available for research purposes, upon request.