Desert Discovery Garden


The Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT) Desert Discovery Garden is an inspiring and educational space meant not only to teach residents about the importance, use, and beauty of native plants, but also to serve as the backdrop for unique outdoor experiences.

As the founders of the Mojave Desert’s largest private native plant nursery and seed bank, MDLT created the Desert Discovery Garden to meet the growing need for education and awareness about the value of our desert resources including habitat restoration, stewardship, and water conservation. Our goal is to educate the community and seasonal visitors about the vital importance of preserving the desert’s native flora, to develop horticultural protocols for drought-tolerant native plants with garden potential, and to demonstrate environmentally friendly and sustainable landscaping materials and techniques.

Powered through grants, donors, and volunteers, MDLT’s half-acre Desert Discovery Garden features water-conserving desert native plants grown on-site in MDLT’s nursery. Interpretive signage—being designed by a collaborative team of conservationists and educators—will provide information about native plants, their names, ethnobotanical features, importance to wildlife, and more. In addition, homeowners will receive information on utilizing plants in landscapes in ways beneficial to both wildlife and the water supply.