Desert Defenders

When our desert is under attack, we fight back!

On April 26, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order instructing the Department of the Interior to review the designation of national monuments under the Antiquities Act. This action directly attacks two California desert national monuments designated in 2016: Sand to Snow and Mojave Trails.

The Department of the Interior has announced a public comment period to see whether the public supports our national monuments.

We need to make sure they hear us loud and clear: We support Mojave Trails and Sand to Snow national monuments!

Tell the DOI why Mojave Trails and Sand to Snow are important to you. Fill out our form and we will make sure all Desert Defenders get counted in the public comment process.

Feel free to write about your personal connection to these monuments, and why they matter to you.

If you need help with what to say, here is an example of a public comment:

I stand in strong opposition to any attempts to revoke or reduce Mojave Trails and Sand to Snow national monuments. The reason these two monuments exist is because Mojave Desert residents and business leaders organized for years in support of them. Mojave Trails and Sand to Snow preserve wildlife and historic sites for future generations. They also provide our community with access to public lands, clean air and water, and economic opportunities that are our American right.

After submitting your public comment, join us at a DESERT DEFENDERS RALLY!

Meet your community of Desert Defenders and learn more about the ways you can continue to fight for our Mojave Monuments. Upcoming rallies include:

July 7 • 7-9pm • MDLT Headquarters • Joshua Tree, CA    MORE INFO     MAP