Celebrating Latino Conservation Week

Celebrating Latino Conservation Week is very close to our hearts here at the Mojave Desert Land Trust. In past years, we’ve camped under the stars with Latino families in the spectacular Sand to Snow National Monument and the Chuckwalla wilderness, bringing folks closer to our desert wildlife.

The national themes this year are emphasizing the Latino role in conservation, harnessing the Latino passion for the outdoors, and improving the lives of this generation and the next.

Starting July 18, we’re excited to bring you a week of activities where we can all learn about Latino culture and passion for our natural environment. As well as storytelling, we have two new fun interactive learning activities for the whole family: an environmental and cultural Loteria Chalupa and a Choose Your Own Adventure game.

Everything is in Spanish and English!

On July 18, we are launching our version of Loteria Chalupa with a mix of cultural and conservation riddles. Download the game card from our website in Spanish or English and then check for the daily clues on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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During Latino Conservation Week you will learn about the growing role Latinos are playing in conserving and protecting our public lands. Through personal storytelling, learn how folks from different backgrounds developed a passion for the outdoors and are working towards greater conservation awareness for themselves and others. On July 20, Cindy Holland will talk about coming from three generations of Latina women, their connection to the environment and pursuit of the American Dream. On July 23, hear Ernesto Frias and his son talk about the natural world and their hopes and dreams. On July 25, our friends at COFEM will share about their work in environmental justice and improving Latino access to public lands. Hear their stories

What is conservation, anyway? Join MDLT Volunteer Coordinator Cindy Holland on July 21 for an introduction to the Mojave Desert Land Trust and its work to protect the California desert’s natural, cultural, and scenic values.

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Challenge your desert knowledge! Choose your own adventure as you play through three rounds of desert learning activities. The game revolves around three main ideas: Flora and Fauna, Nature’s Buddy System, and Conservation. Students will be able to choose activities that help them learn, move, write, and sound like the plants and animals of the desert. It will be available on July 22 from our website.

This week is a great chance for families to learn more about the desert from the safety of home! Take a look at the many online family resources in Spanish we have available as part of our Desert Indoors series. There’s something for all ages.

Desert tortoises are a shared family passion in the Basulto home. On July 28, you can join MDLT Land Steward Luke Basulto for a Herpetology Show & Tell. He will give a virtual tour of his family’s desert tortoise rescue work in Barstow and talk about his herpetology experience. This presentation will be available to watch on our YouTube channel, Facebook or Instagram in English with Spanish language captions.

Programs like these are made possible through the generosity of our donors. If you would like to ensure that MDLT can continue these vital outreach and education programs, please click here make your tax-deductible donation today.